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Digital marketing

Do you need to promote your website, webshop or your Facebook or Instagram page? We live in a world driven by digital economy. We believe that it is important to have someone who juggles digital tools - a digital agency like ours which has and technical expertise of these algorithmic platforms. Efficient budget management is our forte, just like pinpoint targeting of ads on Google AdWords and Facebook platforms. We launch Google display and Google search campaigns, and ensure good performance of pay-per-view ads on YouTube channel. We manage digital campaigns for LinkedIn and Instagram and perform A/B testings of ads. We keep our clients well-informed through extensive and thoroughly researched reports.


Many businesses ignore the importance of copywriting and get tricked into only focusing on the visual. We believe that taking time to write thoughtful copy on your posts and landing pages will dramatically increase the attention and consumption of your content across most platforms.

SEO Management

Your web page sucks when it comes to positioning on Google's search engine? Are you afraid that no one will notice your service or product? No worries. Our team for SEO optimization will optimize the content and structure of your website in order to reach better organic traffic. We will create content with appropriate keywords and link your articles to external content to improve your page's ranking. Also we will add meta descriptions and photo descriptions and optimize the structure of your page to achieve the best speed and visibility for mobile and desktop devices.

Content marketing

Content marketing is all about creating and distributing valuable, consistent and consistent content to attract a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Email Marketing

The key to successful email marketing is properly managing email content that is educational, brings value and serves the reader with helpful information and promotional emails that lead to your product or service. What is tricky is that too much promotion will lead to people unsubscribing and not enough promotion and people will forget what your business is about, and they won’t become your customers.

Personal and company branding

Everyone is a brand these days, whether they want it or not. We build entirely authentic personal brands and business brands that drive real results. We have got all of the skills necessary for great branding: brand management, brand naming, brand storytelling and creation of visual identity. Also we do market analysis, strategic marketing planning, and creation of operative marketing plans of communication.

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We have a passion for marketing and branding, as well as an intense drive to give each customer the best service possible.

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Our Process

How we do it?

We have many tools and processes that we have developed and honed over years. Here is a glimpse of how we approach every project – large or small. Once we discuss your brand’s unique opportunities and challenges, we can prepare a proposal that’s just right for you.


We will determine your goals and the most effective plan to achieve those goals.


Over time, we monitor the results and improve the plan in order to do it as soon as possible achieved the set goals.


What Client Says About Us

400% - Follower Growth

90% - Increase Sales

250% - Total Engagement

Fantastic Job Done by M&D Agency

    Kenan Kovačević

    Dino is, for me, the most ambitious person I have ever met. So young and full of knowledge…amazing. Dino assisted me in becoming more active on Linkedln, explaining how things work and was always available to assist. My great recommendation goes to this young guy, who will surely help you achieve great growth on social networks.

      Raffay Ahmad

      Dino was very helpful, courteous, and punctual for this project, hope to work again

        Domagoj Lovošević

        Managing social media and making websites with Dino has been a great experience. He is driven, up-to-date and skilled at at the job. He shines working in teams and takes great pride in his work. I can't recommend him enough! His work speaks for itself.

          Hey, I'm just here to thank you. When I first saw you on Instagram, thought, ah, this is still some marketer, but after a while, I gained trust in you from friends who worked with you before, and I said to myself, What can I lose? And that's how we got to know each other, and after five minutes of talking, I couldn't believe the level of professionalism you were working on. We talked for half an hour, and I learned more about digital marketing in that half hour than I did in four years of economics college. You explained everything to me simply, and when I started applying it, I didn't believe that the things you said really worked.

          👥 Social Media Marketing: +𝟰𝟬𝟬% followers increase, +𝟮𝟬𝟬% growth of post views and likes, brand awareness

          📈 LinkedIn: +𝟭𝟬𝟬% connections growth, +𝟮𝟱𝟬% growth of posts views

          😊 Clients say they got 𝟳𝟬% 𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗲 than they expected


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          Yes, social media marketing, if done correctly, can help any type business you can think of.

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